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It is often useful to know and record which users are visiting which pages and when on your website. This code example shows you how to record and track your users page visits for later analysis, as is done for WixCodeBank.
Tracking User Page Visits
The following code will show you how to display a message for your website users when a search or dynamic filters on a repeater returns no results.
Display Message When Repeater Search Returns No Results
This code example shows how to count items of a certain type in a collection and present it as a summary of counts in a table.
Summarising Collection Data by Counts
This code example shows how to format a date to DD/MM/YYYY for both individual and repeater display.
Formatting Dates
It is often useful or necessary to verify that an email address provided by members of your website both exists and is owned by them. Emailing verified members also helps to protect your reputation as a sender. You can use this verification status to limit access to parts of your website. This code shows you how to verify the email address of your members by sending the member a verification code, which they need to enter into a verification input field on your website.
Member Email Verification
It is often helpful to break up large lists into conditional lists when requiring users to choose from options in a dropdown menu. Learn how to dynamically filter a repeater first by a high level category (such as region) and then by a low level category (such as town or location) underlying the high level category already chosen.
Dynamic Conditional Filtering of a Repeater
It is often helpful to break up large lists into conditional lists when requiring users to choose options from a dropdown menu. For example, when a city input is required from a dropdown list - it is easier for the user to pick their region first and then be presented a shorter list of locations within the selected region to choose from.
Conditional Dropdown Input Fields
How to automatically redirect to another web page after a short time delay e.g. 10 seconds. This is useful for displaying a welcome message or animation before arriving at your websites home page.
Automatically Redirect to Another Page after Time Delay
Allow users to dynamically sort repeater data in ascending or descending order using a checkbox.
Dynamically Sort a Repeater
The following code shows you how to implement a wildcard search and dropdown filter to a repeater, either separately or used in conjunction with each other. It shows you how to apply a wildcard search to more than one field in your collection at the same time e.g. search both text title and text body.
Dynamically Filtering a Repeater
Learn how to integrate custom payment values via PayPal using HTML iFrame and test whether a successful payment has been made. This is the PayPal payment functionality used throughout to unlock pages of code.
Receive Dynamic Payments via PayPal
Learn how to delete data in a single collection using code. Sometimes there is a need to delete all or specific the data in a single collection, and it is too time consuming to do so manually one row at a time.
Delete Data in a Collection
Currently there is no proper way to automatically refresh dynamic fields on a page after the data is updated by the user. For example when a user updates their profile, the updated information does not display until the page is manually refreshed. This code presents a hack for refreshing dynamic fields after an update.
Dynamic Page Data Refresh Hack
Create a login/sign-up for members (users) of your website, including a customisable members profile page to capture and display relevant member information. The same functionality can be used to set up member dashboards for additional member actions or transactions.
Member Profile Pages
Create unique reference numbers for each item in your dynamic collection using loops. Unique reference numbers are an easy way for you or your website users to search or locate a specific item in your collection. This method is not impacted if records are subsequently removed from the collection.
Unique Reference Number for Collection Items using Loops
This code will show you how to add a page views counter which iterates by one each time a website visitor navigates to and views each dynamic page. You can then use the number of views for sorting your dynamic pages for the most popular using a repeater or you can display it back to your website visitors as an engagement indicator.
Views Counter for Dynamic Pages
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